Your home fault-free in half the time and half the price

We all love our homes- it’s our safe haven where we are most comfortable. But that comfort is interrupted when you experience electricity faults, wiring problems and even plumbing problems. Looking for an electrician or plumber can be both costly and time-consuming. So how can you simplify the process, save money, and get your home up to scratch all in one shot?

If you are in need of experts to come fix your electrical and plumbing problems, Techno-Bugs offers a highly-skilled and unique service by providing you with electrical inspections in Cape Town and Plumbing inspections in Cape Town to make sure your home is up and running hassle-free and in stunning condition. Not just that they provide you with a good service, but they also ensure that no other potential problems arise in the near future by providing you with a thorough inspection of all your electric cables and plumbing.

How can you save costs?

Techno bugs provides you with a chance to receive a free quotation of all your home’s possible problems and faults before you decide whether to use their services or not. That in itself is a unique opportunity as most specialists charge quite a fee for a simple quotation- there’s half of your budget gone! But Techno-Bugs provides their potential clients with a chance to save some costs and make a decision that will not impact them as hard.

Techno-Bugs are sensitive to costs of home renovations and fixes, and show their care through this opportunity, and then again through their hard and thorough work if you do choose to go with their services.

Not only do Techno-Bugs put extra care and precision into their work, but they make sure that their work doesn’t result in any extra charge that doesn’t show in their free quotation. They respect their clients enough to show them all their potential costs and expenses before settling on a company to use, and if decided on them, they will stick exactly to the costs that they have given to their prospective clients.

What makes Techno-Bugs unique and attractive is their commitment towards providing their clients with the best service available, and prioritizing their work and their clients’ well-being over money or earning a profit. That is what they pride themselves on and that makes them stand out over competitive businesses. This detail is what brings more clients to them, and has made them more popular and successful in their field.

If you are in need of electrical inspections in Cape Town or plumbing inspections in Cape Town, as well as affordable, guaranteed fixes in regards to your home, contact Techno-Bugs and see the difference in work standards and morale for yourself.


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