Electrical Inspections Cape Town

In this day and age, it’s really hard to imagine life without electricity, but I’m sure we have all had to endure a period of time without electricity. It is a true inconvenience, when you can’t cook dinner to feed your family because the stove won’t go on. The cup of tea or coffee you so desperately need will have to wait until the electricity is back on to boil the kettle for hot water. Settling for a cold shower because your geyser couldn’t heat up. Your laundry is piling up because without electricity your washing machine is useless. It just goes to how much electricity actually runs our lives, without it we are literally left in the dark. Hats sad is that not everybody has access to electricity due to the costs it comes with, living without this luxury is hard.

For those who are lucky enough to flick a switch to turn on a light, tv, oven or even an iron means that you have electricity and with that comes responsibility. Electricity is extremely dangerous and cause serious injury, death and or destruction, not only to those accessing the premises with faulty electrical but also those around. The smallest of problems can be the dangerous ones that wreak havoc, perhaps just the wrong voltage of current running through the plug socket. A fire could easily be started due to faulty electricals, we all know the mass destruction caused by fire, one burning house could turn into twenty burned houses. Due to the dangers of faulty electricals on any premises, there are rules and regulation that have been put in place by the health and safety board. These rules need to be adhered to in order to prevent disaster from striking. By law as a property owner you must be in possession of an electrical compliance certificate. This certificate certifies that a registered professional has conducted an Electrical inspection and deems it safe as all electrical are in working order and the premises is deemed safe for use. This certificate is valid for two years, meaning that you will have to have an electrical inspection done every two years. The owner of the premises is liable for this cost, but it’s a very small price to pay to ensure the safety for those using the premises and peace of mind for you as the owner. This is not time consuming at all as the registered professional goes by a list of criteria of check that need to be done. If you do not pass the inspection then you will firstly have to have the fault electrical problem sorted and rechecked in order to obtain the certificate.

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