Electrical Certificates Cape Town

Purchasing a property is a huge investment and a very big decision. It is important to do your homework on the things to look out for when property shopping, familiarizing yourself with the laws and rules and regulations of being a property owner and the responsibilities there of are important and a good place to start. Property owners have obligations that need to be for filled to ensure the safety of the individuals using and accessing the property. There are many safety hazards that are alarmingly dangerous and there for they are governing bodies who have set out regulations that need to be complied with for the safety of all homeowners. There are  certificates that must be obtained during the purchase and transfer of the property that need to be up to date and valid for the transfer of property. Certificates such as the plumbing certificates, beetle and electrical, as well as gas.

The very important certificate you will have to have as a home owner is an electrical certificate. This certificate is valid for a two year period and need to be up to date always. A homeowner can obtain electrical certificate Cape town through a registered plumbing and electrical company. Not all plumbing companies are registered, and are there for unable to provide this certification, so ensure you check first if the plumbing company of choice is registered with the Electrical contractors association, the electrical contractors board as well as the Department of Labor. This would make them a professional plumbing company of choice for your Electrical certificate. The Electrical inspection conducted will include outlets, line cords, extension cords, plugs, light bulbs circuit breakers, appliances and lighting. Checking for outlets that have loose-fitting plugs, which can overheat and lead to fire. One of the very hazardous for children especially are the wall plug sockets, as they tend to be amused by this and stick their fingers in. Make sure there are safety covers on all unused outlets that are accessible to children, incorrect wiring and those wires that are near water is another hazard and usually very commonly found.

There are so many little things that one would not notice or think look for when it comes to the electrical in your home . Years can pass with wiring that is not correct until that day its sparks and sets the entire place on fire. Don’t let that be your faith rather ensure all electrical equipment is correct and pulling the right voltages for the different appliances in use.

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