Electrical Certificates Cape town

The hard work and dedication of time energy and effort all go into achieving the goal to one day being lucky enough to owning our own properties, It is an achievement and a half. Imagine you finally get the creditability and are in the financial position where you are no longer helping someone else pay off their own homes as you would when renting property, and rather paying off your very own. Enjoy the Freedom to design, alter remodel or any other wish you have to suit your own taste and style and not be restricted as you are now able to do whatever you like with your property.

With that said owning your own property comes great responsibilities to in keeping the properties market value up so you don’t end up losing any money on the investment, including keeping your place fixed up and well looked after. The ownership of your property also means that you are now liable for the safety of the premises and all those using and accessing the premises. There are so many hazards that you can face such as fires that can occur, this could possibly be a result of faulty electrical. The electrical on your property should there for be checked by professionals not only to give you peace of mind and safety but also because it is the law. Because faulty electrical often go ignored or unnoticed or changes are made such as inserting extra plugging sockets without even realizing the danger of this has brought about a need for safety measures to be in place for all property owners and that would be to have a valid Electrical certificate Cape Town.

The Electrical certificate is not an option and must be obtained through a professional Company such as Technobugs who are registered electrical certificate providers. There are list of criteria that is used to conduct testing of the electrical and is done so by a professional. The electrical certificate will be issued only once the test has been passed. The Electrical certificate is valid for a two year period, every two years you are required to obtain a new certificate. If any adjustments have been made to your electrical regardless of how small that automatically means that you have to have it checked and have a new certificate issued. The costs for obtaining a electrical certificate for you property is at the owners own expense.

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