Electrical Certificate Cape Town

There are so many perks when it comes to owning property, It’s a goal many want to achieve. Owning property means that you have are able decorate ,alter, and any other additions you might want to add to make it your own personal space. Owning your own property also comes with great responsibility as you are the person liable for whatever wear and tear and other issues you may experience while owning the property. The safety of your property is highly important to not just you but whoever else who have access to the property and use it be it your family and friends and or pets.

There are Rules and regulations that have been put in place for all home and property owners when it comes to safety regulations that need to be abided by. One of the very important regulations set out is the that owners be in possession of a Electrical Certificates Cape town. This Electrical certificate is obtained from a registered professional electrical Contractor through a  thorough Electrical inspection. There is a list of Criteria that the electrical contractor must base all his tests and checks upon as it has to comply with the regulations set out by the board. These electrical certificates are valid for two years and must after that period be reissued following the same process and procedures initially entailed. Home owners are always Liable for the payment to obtaining the certificate from the  registered provider.

These regulations are in place for our protection and safety as faulty electrical issues can and have been proved extremely hazardous and can even lead to death. The smallest fault or short in the electrical on your property can lead to sparking a fire that is harmful to all those around. The best way to do your part in keeping yourself and others out of harms way would just to comply with the safety regulations and have your Electricals inspected regularly, as we are not always able to identify an electrical problem or error ourselves. If you have obtained a an Electrical certificate and have had alterations to your electrical that you or someone else has done then as soon as this has happened you would need to do the inspections and certificate procedure all over again as the smallest addition and voltage can be destructive. Always ensure you hire the right professionals who are registered and up to date in their knowledge.

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