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Are you selling your property and are in need of a qualified inspector to inspect your home and issue you with an electrical certificate or a beetle certificate in Cape Town, so you are able to sell? Or maybe you are concerned with some issues pertaining electrical work in your home or a possible beetle invasion, or plumbing emergency?

Contact Techno-bugs Central- they are your one-stop shop in addressing all the inspections that your property needs. They provide their clients with electrical inspections, plumbing/water inspections, gas inspections as well as beetle inspections in Cape Town. Their team is highly trained in order to provide you with the best possible service to the highest of scales; this is done through their proper training to look out for any possible hazards that may be on your property and be thorough in doing so.

If you are looking to sell your property- the process is strenuous enough as it is without the extra stress being put on by lawyers or realters for you to provide them with all the details pertaining to the property. These include thorough electrical inspections, plumbing inspections as well as beetle inspections. Techno-bugs Central try to save you both time and money, as well as the nerves, by offering 1 visitation that combines the electrical, plumbing, gas and beetle inspections in Cape Town in order to convince you of the reliability of the company, their dedication to their work, their high standards of performance as well as their thorough attitude in doing their work.

Another means to support one who is trying to sell their property is by not providing their clients with upfront payments for the invoices for inspections- and that could be great help when very limited on money due to selling the property. The company saves you just that much more strain and worry!

Techno-bugs Central are very dedicated to their clients and in providing them with the most reliable and trustworthy service possible- they stick to this goal and don’t fail to do this in their performance. This is what makes Techno-bugs Central stand out from other companies that could provide you with an electrical certificate in Cape Town- it’s the knowledge, dedication and thoroughness of their work and having work experience to back this reputation up.


Techno-Bugs Central

‘ driven to deliver the best possible service at all times’

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